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Welcome to The Basin Theatre Website

The Basin Theatre is located in Doongalla Road, The Basin, Victoria, 3154. (Melways Reference 66A6) A map to the theatre can be found here

No person will attend the theatre for any reason where a Code Red (Catastrophic) or Extreme fire warning is issued for the Central Fire District. Refer to the TBTG Fire Warning Policy here

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Current Production ~ Season 4, 2014

My Three Angels by Samuel and Bella Spewack

Directed by Susan Carty

Set in French Guiana in 1910, the story tells of a shopkeeper, his wife and daughter and the three convicts who have been employed to repair the roof. To add to the family's troubles, we have an evil-minded cousin, set to oust the father from his business and his cold-blooded nephew who is jilting his daughter for an heiress.

How things are resolved and who does what, makes this a delightful end of the year story.

To celebrate our 60th year, this, our final production for 2014 is a tribute to our founders Edna and Fergus Chandler. "My Three Angels" was one of the first plays Edna directed for The Basin Theatre Group.

To purchase tickets online for this production, click here or call our Ticket Secretary on 1300 784 668 between 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Performance dates are in blue.

Please feel free to print and distribute our advertising flyer for PDF_Icon.jpg My Three Angels Info_Circle.jpg

Next Production ~ Season 1, 2015

I'll Be Back Before Midnight
Written by: Peter Colley
Directed by: Joe Tuppenney
Dates: Friday 13 February to Saturday 07 March
For details click here
Click here to buy tickets

Next Production ~ Season 2, 2015

Nobody's Perfect
Written by: Simon Williams
Directed by: Bob Bramble
Dates: Friday 5 May to Saturday 06 June
For details click here
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Previous Production ~ Season 3, 2014

The Other Place
Written by: Sharr White
Directed by: Barry O'Neill
Dates: Season has completed
For details click here

Other Notices

Saturday, 11/10/2014

TBTG Sound Setup Training Course

1:00 pm - 4:40 pm * at the Theatre

A practical and hands on course on setting up and operating sound at TBTG using the digital AudioBox 1818 VSL hardware, ShowCueSystems (SCS) software, video projection, and surround speakers. This course will focus on the setting up and running sound/video projection in general rather than the sound design or setup for a specific production.


  • A general knowledge of PCs running windows software (minimum: the ability to copy files to and from the computer, rename files, locate stored directories/files; and preferably install software without assistance)
  • A notebook/laptop PC running Microsoft Windows (not a netbook or tablet)
  • Installing the demonstration software located on the following Dropbox link:
  • Viewing the tutorial videos (in MP4 or WMV format) in the same Dropbox

The course will comprise:

  • Introduction to TBTG hardware, setup, and speakers
  • Review the ShowCueSystems (SCS) software and installation
  • Production Sound Setup
    • Computer Folder Setup for a Production
    • Importing sounds / music / video effects files
  • Production Video Setup
    • Wireless Projector setup (rear projection)
    • Wired Projection setup
    • Projector operation
  • Creating a Production using ShowCueSystems (SCS) software
    • Production settings
    • Sound cue setup
    • Video / Image cue setup
    • How to set up the sound plot at home and import the production at the theatre
    • Tips and tweaks for operating (keeping the director satisfied)

BYO personal computer so that you can use it for the training, loaded with the demonstration software. Notes will be provided.

If you are interested please call Peter Bartlett on 0438 604 090 or email to register for the course.

* Ticket Prices will remain at $25.00 in 2014. Click here for details of 2014 Annual Subscriptions and Group Discounts

* All performances on a Sunday will be matinee performances.

* Please refer to the important notice on Car Parking which can be viewed here

* Follow and "Like Us" on Facebook here

* No person will attend the theatre for any reason where a Code Red (Catastrophic) or Extreme fire warning is issued for the Central Fire District. Refer to the TBTG Fire Warning Policy here

The Web Administrator can be contacted by clicking Web Administrator.

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